How to create a email account

In this article you'll see how you can create a new email account to your hosting package.
Depending on your hosting pack you'll get to see a maximum createable email accounts.

Step 1. Go to your CPanel and search Email and click on 'Email Accounts'

Step 1

Step 2. Go to 'Add Email Accounts' (Selected by default)

Step 2

Email: At Email write your desired name you want for your email account, for example:
Domain: Choose on which domain you want to install the email account.
Password: Choose your password, or generate a secure password by clicking 'Generate'.
Password (Again): Type your password again to confirm it.
Mailbox Quota: If you want to have your email account space limited, click on the first box and enter the desired MB's (1024MB = 1GB). If not, you can choose Unlimited to have unlimited email space.

After you entered all the details, click 'Create Account' and your account will be created.
If you need any more support, feel free to create a support ticket!

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